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Q: Where, when and at what times do teams practice? When are games played?
Outdoor practices begin in late March early April and are held twice per week, either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday. 

Q: What about the game schedule?
MBYLL games are played on Sundays although many of our coaches schedule additional games during the week. Game times and locations will be posted sometime during March.

Q: Where can I buy Lacrosse equipment?
The best place to buy lacrosse equipment is from a store that specializes in lacrosse equipment as opposed to a general merchandise sports store. We recommend Lacrosse Unlimited in Wellesley, ComLax in Needham and Braintree and Monkey Sports in Westwood. Dicks Sporting Goods also carries Lacrosse Equipment. Often times retailers such as Dick's and Modell's will offer discounts to MBYLL and NYL members.  See Lacrosse 101 for equipment needed.  

Q: How much travel is involved with Lacrosse?
Newton is a member of the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL). We play local teams from Wayland, Weston, Wellesley, Framingham and other surrounding towns in the western suburbs of Boston.


Q: How long is the Lacrosse season?
The MBYLL season begins in late March / early April and ends in early June with a season-ending MBYLL Jamboree held At Fort Devins.

Q: How are teams assigned ? Is there an A - B - C team system similar to Newton Youth Hockey ?
Newton is a member of the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL). MBYLL has stict policies regarding team assignments. Each town is mandated to have equally skilled and balanced teams. MBYLL also mandates equal playing time for all players. Therefore we are Prohibited to set up A-B-C Teams. There is no "stacking" teams at any level in the MBYLL. We are aware and aknowledge ALL the arguments for having an A-B-C team system, however as stated, we are "PROHIBITED" by League policy. This being said, we want to make a few points :
1) There is no exact science or formula to making balanced teams of equal skill. Level Directors along with Head Coaches from each level take numerous factors into consideration including; skill, position, years of experience, and when possible, schoolmates, friends, and resident locality of players.
2) Equal playing time although mandated by the MBYLL will be monitored and addressed by each Head Coach in 2015. The NYL gives our Level Directors and our coaches the descretion to adjust or minimize playing time for kids who do not regularly attend practices or  games without prior notification.
3) In order to address and accomidate our more committed and more skilled players who do want to focus on Lacrosse during the Spring and play at a higher level, we do offer SELECT TEAMS at our U-13 and U-15 Levels. . These teams require the following: Membership of NYL - Successful Tryout - Committment to the extra Select Practices & Games.

Q: Does Newton hold "tryouts" for teams? Is it possible that my son will get "cut" and not be able to play?
Newton does NOT hold tryouts for the MBYLL "Town" teams. Teams are divided EQUALLY and everyone who wants to play lacrosse in Newton will have a team to play on. The only teams that require a tryout are our "Select" Teams ( See next question ).

Q: I've heard that Newton has "Select" Teams at the U13 and U15 levels. What is this all about?
The "Select" Lacrosse Teams are made up of dedicated lacrosse players who want to devote their Spring season to lacrosse. Players who want to play more Lacrosse at a higher level. These teams are in addition to the "Town" Teams. Players are required to play on a Newton "Town" team to be eligible for a "Select" Team. These "Select" Teams will have an additional practice per week and an additional game per week. Players and Parents should be prepared to committ to these practices and Games. These "Select" Teams will also offer additional in and out of State Tournaments.  Tryouts for these "Select" Teams are held in March and are announced through our email system.

Q: My son plays another sport during the spring, will this be a problem?
Newton does not require a player to be a lacrosse player exclusively. However, our expectation is that players will not prioritize out-of-season sports in a way that causes them to miss practices or games during lacrosse season. We ask that parents take a good look at the activities they schedule for their sons in the Spring with an eye towards fairness to our lacrosse coaches and their teammates, as well as to coaches and teammates of other Spring teams they may play for.