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Interested in becoming an Associate Official ???  See information and requirements below :



Town AO Contact

Each town or program should select a responsible person to serve as the AO Town Contact. This individual is the primary interface between the Town and the designated EMLOA representative (usually that town’s Regional Referee Coordinator). The Town AO Contact assists with the tracking of the AO’s training and progress and then, as the season nears, the contact will assist with the assigning of AO’s in their respective town. Some Town AO Contacts handle all of the in-town assigning while others defer to the Regional Referee Coordinator. Either approach is fine. Note that most AO’s limit their officiating to the town they live in. If they make it known that they can travel to surrounding towns, the Regional Referee Coordinator will assign them when available and when not needed in their own town. This will be explained in much more detail once the Town AO Contact is in place.

The AO Nomination Process

It is our hope that individuals who decide that he/she wants to be a Lacrosse Official is willing to learn the rules and mechanics, understands how to be an official, and has the commitment and responsibility to be an official.

The individual interested in being a Lacrosse Official should contact to his/her MBYLL Town Director and ask to be nominated as an AO candidate. Town Directors/AO Contact should also seek out candidates, depending upon that town’s needs and current existing pool of AO’s. Once these candidates have been identified, the appropriate Town representative should email the EMLOA AO Director (Mike Williamson) with that town’s AO nominees.

Returning AO’s and Senior AO’s

When determining the needs of your program, keep in mind that towns will have trained AO’s coming back from 2012 or prior and some of them may be Senior AO’s or may qualify to be nominated as Senior AO’s. They should follow a similar nomination process and registration process as the new nominees; i.e., their names should be forwarded to Mike Williamson along with the names of new nominees. They will be required to attend a classroom training session and take a test for re-certification. They are not required to follow the new nominee Mentoring Process but we will assign them with a veteran EMLOA clinician early on as a way to provide them with some "refresher" training. Go to to learn how to an Associate Official can progress to become a Senior Associate Official.

AO Training Clinics

Once the nominations are made and the nominee has registered, he/she will get information on the required next steps including dates and locations of all of EMLOA clinics. There are two types of training clinics available to AO candidates:

The EMLOA Associate Official Clinics are a one day, six hour classroom course, followed by a test. These clinics will be held on the following dates in 2014:
January x at location
February x at location

The EMLOA New Candidate Clinics are designed for the high school official and consists of four (4) day two (2) hour classes followed by a test. These start the last week of January and continue through February at multiple locations in eastern and central Massachusetts. More information on these will be available in the next 3 weeks.

Either track, if successfully completed, will result in the nominee becoming an "AO Candidate" and that candidate will then move on to the on-field mentor process.

Mentor Process

Once an AO Candidate has successfully completed his training, he/she is required to be evaluated in game situations by a mentor EMLOA Official. This usually takes place in the first week or two of the regular season. The AO Candidate is evaluated in a minimum of three (3) mentor games. The EMLOA Official will evaluate the proficiency of the AO Candidate in terms of rule knowledge, field presence, and game mechanics. Evaluations will be forward to the EMLOA Regional Referee Coordinator for your region who will ultimately determine the readiness of the AO Candidate to be observed by an EMLOA Evaluator.

Evaluation - The EMLOA Observer will evaluate the AO Candidate in a game based on 1-Man (Official) Game Mechanics and in a game based on 2-Man (Official) game Mechanics. The EMLOA Observer will pass along recommendations to the EMLOA Regional Referee Coordinator to either certify the candidate or recommend further training. Once the AO Candidate successfully completes the mentoring, he/she is able to officiate by themselves in U9 games (and in U11 levels if you’re a Senior AO) and can be the 2nd Official on the field for U15 games—and perhaps some U13 & U11 games too to give town’s AO’s even more experience (and a few more $).

Additional AO Information and Requirements

Additional AO Information is available now at The site will be updated weekly as more information becomes available. The information below will be provided in much greater detail to the Town AO contact and the nominees as we get further into the registration and training process.

Associate Officials planning to officiate in the 2014 lacrosse season:

MUST be 15 years of age by July 1, 2014

AND MUST register on as an AO to ref MBYLL games.

MUST have a US Lacrosse membership valid through the season as an "official" level BEFORE he can step on the field as an "official." This is the AO’s liability insurance. Also include Eastern Massachusetts Lacrosse Officials Association (Associate Officials) (Group ID: 2462996) as an affiliation. If AO is not on the list, he should contact USL membership at and ask that his name be added to this specific list.

MUST register with EMLOA on the EMLOA web site. As far as EMLOA Ref & AO annual fees are concerned, Credit card payments of $45.00 may be made on EMLOA secure site when registering OR a check may be subsequently mailed to EMLOA treasurer, Dave Pinciaro.

MUST attend a certification/re-certification clinic annually and then must complete the Mentor Program.

MUST be RESPONSIBLE. Officiating is fun and AO’s can make some money, but it is a job. We tell AO’s, "AO’s must respond to and act on all of the emails sent to you about the AO procedures quickly. It is not your mom’s responsibility. It is not your dad’s responsibility. It is your responsibility. On the field, you will be responsible for 20 players; you have to be responsible for yourself first. If you do not show up for games as assigned YOU WILL BE DROPPED from the roster. This is not an "I show up when I want to" type of activity. You will be responsible for the safety of many younger players."

Additionally, as far as officiating procedures go, Associate Officials are required to conduct a pre-game meeting together with both coaches to review MBYLL Pregame Checklist prior to start of all MBYLL games. A pre-game player line-up is also encouraged.

Associate Officials are required to ask for MBYLL Coaches’ Certification Card during the pre-game conference.

Associate Officials must understand and adhere to the appropriate MBYLL rules for the level (U9, U11, U13 or U15) they are officiating. Refer to the 2014 MBYLL Pregame Checklist document at

Associate Officials must confirm their assignment with the home team 72 hours prior to the game.

2014 Pay Rates for Associate Officials may be found at: