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  • Pocket Depth:  The top of a lacrosse ball must be at least a little bit above the bottom edge of the sidewall. The pocket is illegal if the top of the ball is below the bottom edge of the sidewall.
  • Stick Length:
    • Short stick = 40-42"
    • Long pole = 52-72"
    • Goalie = 40-72"
  • Head Dimensions:
    • Width:  The widest part must be at least 6.5" wide at the front of the head (measured on the inside of the plastic).
    • Length:  Must be at least 10" from the top of the scoop down to the throat.
  • Shooting Strings:
    • No U's or V's starting in 2016, and all shooting strings must be within 4" of the top of the head.