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Coaching Youth Lacrosse in MBYLL

This document is designed to provide step-by-step instructions for registering and completing the prerequisites for becoming a certified coach in MBYLL.
Important Reminders

  • Certification lasts two years
  • Upon certification, you will receive an MBYLL coaching card that must be visibly worn at all times while coaching (Lanyards will be provided)
  • Every head coach per Classic team must be MBYLL certified
  • Every coach (head and assistant) for Select teams must be certified
  • If you were certified last year (or are MBYLL Level 2 certified) or are an assistant coach and not planning on being certified this year, you still must register yourself with MBYLL


Coaching Education & Certification

Annual Coaching Registration Requirements


Coaches currently certified through 2019

1. Register as a certified coach on

·        Cost is $35 which covers MBYLL Coaching insurance, online resources, and game administration / league operations


Coaches requiring certification (good for 2019 & 2020)

1. Register as a coach on

·        Cost is $35 which covers MBYLL Coaching insurance, online resources, game administration, and coaching education materials

2. For 1st time Certification Candidates: Complete (one-time) online courses:​​​​​​​

· MBYLL Online Course*

* Online course will be available February 1.

3. Attend an MBYLL Clinic

o   You must register at and complete all pre-requisites up to 36 hours in advance

o   $50 clinic participation fee (due during registration) up to 36 hours in advance

o   $75 clinic participation fee if registering less than 36 hours prior to clinic

o   You have multiple options:

o  MBYLL Introductory Clinic

o  MBYLL Intermediate Clinic

o  MBYLL Advanced Clinic (for renewing coaches only)

o   Every MBYLL region is expected to have at least one Introductory / Intermediate Clinic and one Advanced clinic

o   Clinics run from mid February to late March and will be available for selection on


Coaching Education & Certification

Clinic Hosting Requirements and Specifications


Every MBYLL region is expected to host at least one MBYLL Intro/Intermediate Clinic and encouraged to host one MBYLL Advanced Clinic.

The region's CESD (Coaching Education & Sport Development) Committee is charged with helping the regional director and Director of Coaching Education to find and secure site locations, dates, and times for the coaching clinics in that region


Requirements for Hosting Clinics

·        An auditorium/large room

o   MBYLL Introductory / Intermediate Clinics need capacity of 200 participants

o   Advanced Clinics need capacity of 100 participants

·        A gymnasium with bleachers

o   MBYLL will provide goals, cones, and balls

o   For larger groups at a Multipurpose Clinic, a gymnasium divider will allow for the group to be divided into Introductory and Intermediate sessions

·        (2 or 3) Tables for registration & material distribution

·        AV Setup for projector and a large screen visible to all

·        Volunteers to assist

o   5-6 volunteers for Introductory / Intermediate Clinics

o   3-4 volunteers for Advanced Clinics

·        WiFi access


Other Considerations

·        Ideal locations include Middle Schools & High Schools with auditoriums and gymnasiums

·        The clinic will last 4 hours (1st hour in auditorium, 2 hours in the gymnasium, 4th hour back in auditorium)

·        MBYLL would also require 1 hour in advance for set-up and 30 minutes after completion

·        MBYLL is asking towns willing to host a clinic to cover any expenses associated (rental, custodial, etc.)


MBYLL Convention Clinics

MBYLL will be planning several "Cafeteria-Style" clinics in which coaches can choose topics from several options in each time slot. The clinic will be broken up into four forty-five minute sessions with a selection of youth lacrosse subjects. The coaching candidate can pick which classes to attend based on his/her interest. 


Hosting a Town/Private MBYLL Introductory / Intermediate Clinic

·        The same requirements for hosting an Advanced Clinic apply (capacity of 50 will suffice)

·        There will be a $500 town fee to host a private clinic

·        Each certified coach will also be required to pay the $50 to cover materials

o   Coach info and fees will be collected directly from the town (not through online registration)


Interested host candidates for Introductory, Intermediate, & Advanced Clinics and/or members of the CESD committee should contact Director of Coaching Education Dave Johns with site suggestions, information, and questions. Dave's email is:


Important Tips and Reminders

o   After taking any of the online courses (USL 1, USL "Proper Contact", PCA), be sure to save your electronic certificate to your computer for reference and proof of completion

o   Completing all pre-requisites 36 hours prior to attending a clinic will expedite your receiving of coaching card (you will receive your card at the conclusion of the clinic)

o   Experienced renewal candidates are encouraged to take Advanced clinics for accelerated education and to take advantage of additionally provided tools (such as the Trilogy coaching portal)

o   Towns should encourage all Classic coaches (Head and Assistant) to become MBYLL certified

o   At least one coach on the sideline is required to possess and visibly wear his/her valid MBYLL Coaching card at all times during Classic games (Sundays)

o   Every adult on the sideline is required to possess and visibly wear his/her valid MBYLL Coaching card at all times during Select games

o   The MBYLL requirements are the baseline for coaching education and all MBYLL coaches are encouraged (and expected) to enhance their coaching education through supplementary training and enrichment (online and in-person courses and clinics).

All Coaches must submit to a CORI background check administered by their town program

The following documents are additional resources:

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